Arlon´s Coat of Arms: this coat of arms uses the blue of the queen´s family and the white and red of the king´s family

Erdan´s Coat of Arms: uses the red and white from the king´s family and the green who represents the fertility of the land of the king.

Bianchi Family´s Coat of Arms: it is blue with a white cross and a red rose. Blue because the first Bianchi was a sailor the rose because this was the first gift that he gave to his wife and the cross because he was the first “White Knight”.

Arlon City´s Coat of Arms: it is the ame of the kingdom but, instead the crown it have a wall.

Christian City´s Coat of Arms:the cross represents the city and the green hills the mountain where the city was build.

Delta´s Village´s Coat of Arms: this is a city of the Kingdom of Erdan builds in a fertile delta near the sea. The green represents the fertility of the land, the waves means the sea and golden fortress the Kingdom of Erdan.

Aerian´s Coat of Arms: Aerian is the capital city of the winged men, built in the Black Mountains. The eagle represents the people of the city and the crown the fact that Aerian is the capital city.

Negrurian´s Coat of Arms: the Black Mountains´ dwarfs capital. The black represents the mountains, gold the minerals of the mountains and the axes and the cogwhell the dwarfs engineering.

Tilania´s Coat of Arms: the capital of the griffon rider´s dwarfs. The griffons are the pride of this people, this is why they are in the coat of the arms. The gold represents the kingdom fortune, the gray the mountain where the city was build and the axes the dwarfs.

Oestpor´s Coat of Arms: this independent fishermen´s city was build between the desert and the sea, in the west coast of Noritvy. The beige represents the sand of the desert and blue with the fish the sea.

Al-Zarazim´s Cot of Arms: the indepedent city of the desert men who lives in the south of the old kingodom of Sudher. The gold represents the desert and the swords the city people´s power and the men the people of the city.

The Old Kingdom of Sudher´s Coat of Arms: this defunct kingdom arosed from the merger of Sudher Principality , whose crown had been delivered to the newly married Genaro and Alaria Bianchi , with the Free Territory of the Great Delta , ruled by her father , Antigon . Although they wanted to keep the original symbols and colors of the Principality , the new kings were compelled by the nobles of the kingdom to adopt a new coat of arms to represent a new era . This was designed by one of those nobles and carried a simple concept : a tiger ( personal symbol of Antigon ), representing the Free Territory and a red rose ( personal symbol of Genaro ), representing the former princely state , on a blue background , color of the house of Bianchi , who had unified the territories. Genaro initially wanted the ancient symbol of Sudher ( a fish ) to stay in the place of the rose but was convinced otherwise.

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